RSAC USA 2016: My Agenda Day 1 Monday

The RSA Conference USA for 2016 is less than two weeks away. Today’s blog will share with you my schedule for Monday, February 29, 2016, my first day of the conference. Post-conference I may post notes from those sessions that I found notable.

Monday, February 29, 2016

08:30 a – 09:20 a | West 3018 | BAS-M01
Introduction and a Look at Security Trends
Hugh Thompson, Program Committee, RSA Conference

The security industry has significantly changed over the last 25 years, as reflected in the content at RSA Conference. This introductory session will look at some of the major shifts, the economics that are driving the shifts, and the trends that are shaping current and future directions.

08:30 a – 12:30 p | West 2006 | TCG-M01
TCG: Securing the IoT with Trusted Computing [Panel]

The root of security for IoT begins with trust – including trusted device identity and secure communications with protection of sensitive information. These foundational elements must come together to provide a more secure IoT solution. In this half-day RSA Conference session you will hear from industry leaders and see demonstrations of IoT security in action.
08:30 a – 08:40 a | Welcome, Mark Schiller, TCG Executive Director
08:40 a – 09:15 a | Keynote: Trust-Based Security for Multi-Dimensional Clouds, Doug Cahill, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
09:15 a – 10:10 a | Panel 1: IoT, Trust and Security, Moderator: Darin Andersen, CyberTrust; Panelists: Lee Wilson, Security Innovation; Max Senges, Google
10:00 a – 10:10 a | Update from TCG and Demo Highlights, Mark Schiller, TCG Executive Director
10:10 a – 10:55 a | Panel 2: Things to Do with the TPM, Moderator: Paul Roberts, Security Ledger; Panelists: Paul England, Microsoft Corporation; Matthew Garrett, CoreOS
10:55 a – 11:05 a | Break
11:05 a – 11:50 a | Panel 3: Network Security in the IoT , Moderator: Larry Ponemon, Ponemon Institute; Panelists: Steve Venema, Polyverse; Tony Sager, Center for Internet Security
11:50 a – 12:00 p | End of Seminar
12:00 p – 12:30 p | Demonstration Showcase
10:30 a – 11:20 a | West 3018 | BAS-M03

Innovation in Network Security
Michael Geller, Principal engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The networks we use to deliver services are evolving. Applications and services are virtualized and moving to the cloud. An eight-step process is used to put a structure to make sense of the threat surface for today and tomorrow’s networks.

01:00 p – 4:30 p | South The Viewing Point at Gateway | ISB-M01
Innovation Sandbox – “Most Innovative Startup” Live [Panel]

Witness the Top 10 Finalists battle for the coveted title of 2016 Most Innovative Startup at RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest. In this fast-pitched session, finalist share why their solution will have the greatest impact on information security in 2016.
01:15 p – 01:30 p, Introduction, Hugh Thompson
01:30 p – 02:45 p, RSAC Most Innovative Startup Top 10 Presentations
– Three-minute pitches followed by Q&A with judges.
02:45 p – 03:10 p, BREAK, Meet and Greet with Top 10
03:10 p – 03:45 p How to Build a Startup into a (Multi) Million Dollar Company, Enrique Salem, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures; Ron Miller, Enterprise Reporter, TechCrunch;
– Venture capitalist, entrepreneur and former Symantec CEO Enrique Salem will engage in a candid discussion with some of the leading technology entrepreneurs and executives illuminating how to identify need and develop solutions, build traction and distribution into market space, and acquire and retain the “right” talent at the “right” time of the growth cycle.
03:45 p – 04:20 p, NextWar: The Future of Technology and Geopolitics, Peter W. Singer, New American Foundation
– Robots, artificial intelligence, cyberwar, 3D printing, bio-enhancements and a new geopolitical competition: the 21st century is being shaped by a range of exciting and scary new technologies. Best-selling author and consultant to the U.S. intelligence community, Hollywood film industry and Call of Duty video game series, Peter W. Singer explores emerging trends that will shape the world of technology and security tomorrow.
04:20 p – 04:30 p, Award Ceremony and Winner Announcement


01:30 p – 05:00 p | West 3022 | SEM-M02
Advancing Information Risk Practices Seminar [Panel]

Many challenges face today’s Risk Management programs, including how to rank risk security gaps, handle business interactions and form a qualified resource pool. This half-day seminar will be packed with useful information from a series of respected industry leaders. Discussing successes and pitfalls, these leaders have set out to challenge conventional ideas and pursue cutting edge tactics.
01:30 p – 02:25 p, Practical Quantitative Risk Analysis for Cyber Systems
Marshall Chipper
02:25 p – 03:15 p, Exploring Your Data – Risk Visualization Techniques
Jay Jacobs
03:15 p – 03:30 p, BREAK
03:30 p – 04:15 p, Third-Party Risk Assessment – Death by 800 Questions
Jack Jones
04:15 p – 05:00 p, The Marriage of Threat Intelligence and Risk Assessment
Wade Baker