RSA USA Conference 2016 Coming Up!

RSA USA Conference 2016 is only a few short weeks away. Last year, at the 2015 Conference, I facilitated a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) session titled “Who’s Invited to Your Party?  Minimizing Risk from Outsourced Partners”.

This year I was again invited to facilitate a P2P session titled “Saying Goodbye: Managing Security for Departing Personnel”, scheduled for Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 2:10 pm, Room West 2021.

I will be writing more about this upcoming session in my next few blog posts, but to give you a preview here are the notes to RSA Conference from my submission:

Topic Description :
Personnel departures are a daily occurrence, with resignations, layoffs, terminations, outsourcing, reorganizations, and spin-offs. How do you plan for these? Have you removed all access? Who should manage the data left behind? What are the risks and the best frameworks for addressing this risk? In this session we will discuss best practices for managing the off-boarding process effectively.

Submitter’s Comments:
Employees, contractors and others with access and accounts, all leave your organization at some point. Some departures are planned, others are not. Some departures are immediate, while others
transition out over time. All involve questions about transfer of ownership, what to migrate, what to archive. IT security of the off-boarding process is too often poorly defined, bringing significant risk.

I am looking forward to a great session!