RSAC USA 2015: My Agenda Day 3 Wednesday

The RSA Conference USA for 2015 wrapped up last Friday.  I am using this blog to share with you my personal schedule for the five days of the conference, to indicate what interested me and what I experienced.  Today I share Wednesday’s schedule, complete with session descriptions from the RSAC catalog.

Please write to me if you have any questions about these sessions.

  • LAB-W01 : Insider Threat and the Dark Web: Cyber Response Mini-Wargame – facilitators

Companies and organizations are increasingly using wargames to improve cyber response posture. In this session, Booz Allen Hamilton’s wargame team led players through a board game where they will took actions in response to a cyber breach to mitigate damage to the company. This session focused on incident managers who will be called on to make decisions in a crisis scenario. The objective of the game is to identify and successfully mitigate different risk categories following a breach.

Booze Allen Hamilton participants:

  • Mike McConnell, Strategic Advisor and former Vice Chairman, Former Director of National Intelligence
  • Nicole Monteforte, Principal
  • Ronald Sanders, Vice President
  • Thad Allen, Executive Vice President
  • ECO-W03 : Cyber Security for Start-ups: An Affordable 10-Step Plan – David Cowan, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

In the past, start-ups could postpone thinking about security threats. But today’s hackers and malware infestations no longer discriminate between the Fortune 50 and the TechCrunch 50. In fact, some increasingly common cyber attacks specifically target smaller, more vulnerable businesses. This session covered an affordable 10-step plan that start-ups can follow to survive in today’s cyberspace.

  • HUM-W04 : What a Relief—It Works! How to Build an Insider Threat Program in One Year  – Dawn Cappelli, Director, Insider Risk Management, Rockwell Automation

A little over a year ago Ms. Cappelli left her job (Director, CERT Insider Threat Center) to build an Insider Risk Program for Rockwell Automation. After 13 years of research, she had to do what she had told everyone else to do. Would it work? She thought it would, and she was right! Ms. Cappelli showed what one can do in 1 year from 60 experts who collaborate monthly. It was shocking to understand what could be leaving an organization.

  • STU-W7 : Stuck in Patterns—How Your Mind Fools You Every Day – Doug Kevilus, Owner, Mentalist Doug Kevilus

Our minds have developed in such a way that it changes and distorts what we see, experience, and remember every day. Some of those distortions we will never recognize. Other times, those distortions create severe consequences in our work and personal relationships.

  • STU-W8 : The Day My Kids Brought Home Malware – Kellman Meghu, Head of Americas Security Architects, Check Point Software

Kids are always texting, streaming shows and surfing the web simultaneously. With all of that Internet activity, what type of malware activity do you think you’d find on your home network? This talk gave an insight from activity on Mr. Meghu’s home network, set up with Enterprise products. Imagine utilizing this technology and finding search patterns of data in your home network – what do you think you’ll find?

  • KEY-W11 The Second Machine Age  – Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Digital Business, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Fellow, Harvard Law School Berkman Center for Internet and Society

We are living in a time of brilliant technologies that are bringing us into a second machine age, the greatest era of transformation since the Industrial Revolution.  Dr. McAfee discussed both the great promise and thorny challenges—for organizations, leaders and workers alike—of the world we’re creating as we create and deploy digital technologies that are the stuff of science fiction.