RSAC USA 2017: My Agenda

The RSA USA Conference for 2017, in San Francisco, took place last week. Each year my experience is similar: the time is so compressed, the experience is intense, I meet great new people, and I always learn something new.

Below I have copied my agenda for the week, so you know what sessions I attended. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions about these sessions.

Mon 2/13  ——
10a – 12p  SEM-M05
How-to-Series: Year One Innovators and Entrepreneurs, David Blumberg, Michael DeCesare, Theresa Gouw, Patrick Heir, Steve Hero, Jay Leek, Troels Oerting, Ted Schlein, Cat Zakrzewski

1p – 4:30p  ISB-M01
Innovation Sandbox: Top 10 most innovative startups

Tue 2/14  ——
8a – 10:30a  Keynotes
* Planning for Chaos, Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO, RSA
* Brad Smith, President, Microsoft
* Sweating the Small Stuff on a Global Scale, Andrew Young, SVP/GM, Intel Security
* The Cryptographers’ Panel (Paul Kocher, Whitfield Diffie, Susan Landau, Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir

1:15p – 2p  EXP-T09
Regulating the Internet of Things, Bruce Schneier

2:30p – 3:15p  EXP-T10
Ted Schlein and Michèle Flournoy on the Future of Security and Defense

3:45p – 4:30p  HTA-T11R
Meet and Greet with the macOS Malware Class of 2016, Patrick Wardle, Synack

Wed 2/15  ——
8a – 8:45a  PNG-W02
Beyond Stuxnet: State of the Art in Cyberwarfare and Weapons, Kim Zetter, Gary Brown, Oren Falkowitz, Roy Katmar

9:15a – 10 a  EXP-W03
Hacking Exposed: Real-World Tradecraft of Bears, Pandas and Kittens, Dmitri Alperovitch, George Kurtz, CrowdStrike

10:30a – 12p  Keynotes
* The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques, and What’s Coming Next, Alan Paller, Michael Assante, Ed Skoudis, Johannes Ullrich, SANS

1:30p – 2:15p  PRV-W10
Resurrecting Privacy in the Cloud: A Privacy Engineering Implementation, Michelle Dennedy, Alissa Cooper, Michele Guel, Harvey Jang, Cisco

2:45p – 3:30p  GRC-W11
Crown Jewels Risk Assessment: Cost-Effective Risk Identification, Doug Landoll, Lantego

4p – 5:00p  Keynotes
* Radical Innovation: Revolutionizing the Future of Cybersecurity, Hugh Thompson
* The Great A.I. Awakening: A Conversation with Eric Schmidt, Google

Thu 2/16 ——
7a-7:45a BOF2-R01C
Birds of A Feather: Multifactor Authentication Redefined, Wendy Nather, Duo Security

8a – 8:45a  AIR-R02F
One-Hit Wonders: Dealing with Millions of Anomalies, Chris Larsen, Symantec

8:45a – 9:15a SBX2-R1
Ransomeware, Drones, Smart TVs, Bots: Protecting Consumers In the Age of IoT, Terrell McSweeny and Aaron Alva, Federal Trade Commission

9:15a – 10a  FON1-R03
Focus-on session: One-Hit Wonders, Chris Larsen, Symantec

10:30a – 11:40a  Keynotes
* Topics of Leadership and Teamwork with Dame Stella Rimington, MI5

1:30p – 2:15p  PDAC-R10F
How to Delete Data for Realz: This Presentation Will Self-Destruct In…, Davi Ottenheimer and Ian Smith

2:45p – 3:30p  FON3-R11
Focus-on session: How to Delete Data for Realz, David Ottenheimer and Ian Smith

4p – 4:45p  P2P2-R11
You Can’t Take It With You! How to Manage Security When Personnel Depart, Kenneth Morrison, Morrison Consulting

Fri 2/17 ——
9a – 9:45a  EXP-F01
The Future: Revealed, Ben Jun and Hugh Thompson

10:15a – 11a  MBS-F02
IoT End of Days, Chris Henderson, IBM

11:30a – 12:15p  CXO-F03
Corporate Security: Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Collide, Shawn Henry, CrowdStrike