Safer Online

Ken Morrison is at work on a new book, tentatively titled “Safer Online”. The intended audience is small businesses and their owners, and families, both communities underserved by the multi-billion dollar main-stream IT security business.

This book is not intended to make the reader an IT security expert (there are already plenty of these books), but rather to help the reader to be Safer Online by learning a set of simple, basic concepts, and by implementing a set of clear changes that will reduce on-line risk. In this way the small business owner can focus on his or her business, and the business and family will be safer during their on-line activities.

The wired, connected world is becoming more complicated and attacks more sophisticated. Your business or home is now a complex wired and wireless network, with computers, mobile phones, thermostats, music systems, cameras, lights, POS terminals, and other devices all sharing your same internal network. The Bad Guys have moved from  joyriding the Internet to organized crime intent on theft, and nation-state surveillance.

Our need to be Safer Online now is critical. A Chapter List can be found below. Look for progress updates.

Safer Online — Chapter List
February 2018

Chapter 1
The 12 Commandments of Information Security: The Essentials

Chapter 2
Your Personal Information Security Assessment

Chapter 3
The Password Challenge

Chapter 4
Browser Security

Chapter 5
You Are A Network Administrator

Chapter 6
Keep Your Family Secure

Chapter 7
Security On The Road

Chapter 8
Mobile Device Security

Chapter 9
What About the Cloud?

Chapter 10
Attack Recovery

Chapter 11
The Future

Personal IS Assessment Guide
Geek Glossary