Links to Media stories

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Below are a list of Internet Web links to media stories that we have found interesting reading.

We will continue to edit this list from time-to-time, adding new story links and pruning out old ones. New media links will be highlighted for 30 days so you can more easily spot them. Please use the Contact form to send along links to any media stories that you recommend for addition to this list.

xkcd — A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language
The Mother of All Suspicious Files

Schneier on Security — Web blog
Web blog from Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowned security technologist, and author of several books on IT security.

Krebs on Security — Web blog
Web blog from Brian Krebs, a former reporter with the Washington Post and now one of the most important IT security investigative reporters.

New York Times Magazine — Passwords
The Secret Life of Passwords

New York Times Bits Blog — New targets for hackers
New Targets for Hackers: Your Car and Your House

The Guardian — Security across accounts
How to Avoid Being Hacked Like Honan. A tech writer, Matt Honan, had his digital life erased by one or more hackers. What can the rest of us do to avoid a similar fate?

The Atlantic — Personal information protection
Obscurity: A Better Way to Think About Your Data Than ‘Privacy’. Obscurity is a protective state that can further a number of goals, such as autonomy, self-fulfillment, socialization, and relative freedom from the abuse of power.

ABC News — Smartphone risks
The 10 Dumbest Risks People Take With Their Smartphones

Yahoo News — Protecting yourself online
10 Tips to Protect Yourself Online–abc-news-topstories.html

McAfee — Teen Internet Behavior Study
2012 Study headline: 70% of teens hide their online behavior from their parents, and claims to reveal what U.S. teens are really doing online, and how little their parents actually know.
2013 Study headline: America’s youth admit to surprising online behavior, would change actions if parents were watching
2014 Study headline: Cyberbullying triples and that youth also exposing geo-location and personal data in growing numbers.

NetworkWorld — Industry opportunities
“Cold” topics at RSA that Should Receive More Attention: The Cybersecurity skills shortage; privacy; security standards; automation.–topics-at-rsa-that-should-receive-more-attention.html

Warriors Of The Net — Educational video
Did you ever wonder how the Internet works? How does a router look like? What color does a IP packet have and how does it travel through a firewall? This movie, though dated to 1999, has good, foundational content for introducing internet concepts to novice users.